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ILD is a well-known name as a leading source in back office support for digital media, ecommerce, healthcare, and communications companies conducting business online. ILD offers the complete back office of outsourced customer interaction solutions within each stage of the lifecycle, including marketing, revenue lift, payment processing and settlements, customer support, account management, and collections. The wide experience of serving companies in all aspects of business makes ILD a trusted name in American call centers, alternative payment methods (APM), digital collaboration, online marketing, and reputation management.

  • Eliminate lost business and public relations crisis’ because you didn’t have the staff to manage inbound calls 24/7 and start seeing improved service and satisfaction levels.
  • Offload order processing and fulfillment headaches because of limited system resources, and scale your business with ILD’s solutions.
  • Protect your good name and manage and monitor your digital footprint to ensure what’s said about you online is accurate, and not simply a disgruntled employee venting.
  • Optimize your website and internet brand to rank where your competitor’s only strive to be in Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
  • Pay for the task you need done, without the stress of costly employee benefit packages.
  • Dedicate newfound time to enhancing in house processes, improving employee utilization and mentoring, as well as increased business development.

You can achieve world-class outsourcing by choosing the right partner, one with proven solutions designed specifically to your business. We’re proud of our innovation and have spent significant time and resources in developing the first of its kind online self-help customer service application, a tool that enables your customers to take charge of their service experience in real-time directly from ILD’s website. ILD places a significant focus on technology, resource allocation, market strategy, and business processes, so trust your outsourcing to a proven onshore company with experienced resources from every business sector.

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