ILD Teleservices Launches New Verification System for Merchants

April 20, 2010 | Ponte Vedra Beach, FL


ILD Teleservices, a leading provider of alternative payment processing services, today announced the enhancement of its iValidate service offering to include a personal identification services in addition to the current offering of name and address validation The new product allows its merchant customers to effectively and efficiently verify consumer records, prior to submitting charges to a consumers’ phone bill for payment. At the time of sale, merchants offering ILD Teleservices Bill to Phone payment will perform a real-time confirmation of certain personally identifiable information, including name, address, telephone and now the last four digits of a social security number, to ensure authorization.

iValidate’s new service addition can quickly confirm whether the name, address and telephone number are in fact linked to the same consumer real-time at the point of sale and it can now make sure that the personal consumer information provided matches the last four digits of the submitted social security number.

“This new verification system greatly enhances our ability to serve our merchant customers with real-time authentication and validation services, which reduces bad debt and increases returns” said Dennis Stoutenburgh, ILD President and COO. “We are utilizing state-of-the-art logic to evaluate consumer submitted data, verify and compare it to multiple sources, and deliver an easily understood evaluation of every record.”

The new SSN match will be offered as part of the ILD Teleservices iValidate program, which is part of ILD’s initiative to improve the security of digitally phone billed transactions, prevent false signups and other irregularities that can lead to improper phone bill charges and billing disputes, and reduce the amount of uncollectibles, bad debt and chargebacks for merchants.


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