ILD Teleservices Reaches One Billion (1,000,000,000) Transactions Milestone.

08/28/09 | Ponte Vedra Beach, FL


This July ILD Teleservices officially processed its billionth (1,000,000,000) transaction, a measure of the Ponte Vedra firm’s leadership in the alternative payment market. Launched in 1996, ILD has progressively broadened its business and service platform, and now offers turnkey payment services to a host of digital merchants and content providers serving over 150 million US households. The company has teamed with more than 150 merchants to offer Bill to Phone payment services across a network of 1,400 Local Exchange Carriers (LEC), including AT&T, Embarq and Verizon.

“Hitting the one billion (1,000,000,000) mark is a testament to the growing demand for the bill to phone payment option. This milestone is largely fueled by the convenience Bill to Phone affords consumers purchasing digital goods and communications services. That, coupled with the current financial unrest and issues in the credit card market, has led more digital merchants to rely on alternative payment options, like phone billing, to provide lift,” said Dennis Stoutenburgh, ILD’s President & COO.

“Bill to phone is becoming more of a standard as a supplemental billing option. ILD’s efforts to provide stronger transaction validation, and to offer fast and reliable resolution for billing issues, are also critical factors in the expansion of our business and the industry as a whole,” said Stoutenburgh.

Recently recognized on the Inc. 5000 list and backed by its strong financial position, ILD has launched several new initiatives over the last year designed to strengthen its service offering and educate consumers on alternative payment methods. These initiatives include:

Validation and Authentication Service –

As part of an ongoing effort to strengthen its Bill to Phone alternative payment offering, ILD Teleservices is rolling out new validation and authentication services, iValidateSM, to ensure security credentials are met before processing a consumer transaction. The new web-based validation system enables merchants to verify a billing telephone number (BTN) with the LECs to ensure it is “LEC billable” before accepting a Bill to Phone transaction. All merchants that accept Bill to Phone payment and process transactions with ILD, can validate real-time through its Internet portal, which mitigates unauthorized transactions and reduces unbillables.

Self Help Center –

A central component of its comprehensive effort to inform consumers about its Bill to Phone alternative payment method, ILD Teleservices has established a Self Help Center on its site at The Self Help Center provides a path for consumers to initiate inquiries and resolve transaction issues fast and effectively. Several key questions help guide consumers toward resolution. Consumers can submit inquiries about unrecognized charges, verify credit requests, and find a fast track to cancelling services.

Consumer & Merchant Education Blog –

ILD has played an active role in leading the Bill to Phone industry with the establishment of best practices and a cutting edge approach to web functionality. In conjunction with its Self Help Center, ILD has launched a blog on its website to share tips, alerts, and other information that helps merchants and consumers alike make more informed decisions. Recently, ILD posted relevant information on ways to avoid processing unauthorized transactions, including advice from the FCC, and an informative article on safety precautions. Consumers and merchants can find the blog at

About ILD Teleservices

ILD Teleservices is a leader in the alternative payment processing industry, providing a convenient, simple and secure Bill to Phone payment alternative that allows consumers to purchase products and services online or over the phone by directly charging their phone bill, without disclosing personal financial data to each business. The rapidly growing ILD Teleservices network enables merchants to attract a new market of customers with an effortless payment experience that allows consumers to shop online without using a credit card. ILD Teleservices turnkey payment platform is tailored specifically for digital merchants and communications providers offering online content, long distance and collect calling, web hosting, Internet access, and other communications related services. 

ILD Teleservices has partnered with more than 150 merchants to offer Bill to Phone payment services, a safe and convenient payment experience and its network includes more than 1,400 Local Exchange Carriers, including AT&T, Verizon, Qwest, Embarq and more. Millions of consumers and businesses rely on the safety and convenience of ILD Teleservices payment solutions when shopping online and over the phone.

Founded in 1996, ILD Teleservices is a division of ILD Telecommunications, Inc. headquartered in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida with additional offices in San Antonio, Dallas, Fort Lauderdale and Atlanta. For more information, visit

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